International Conference on Noise Radar Technology, NRT-2012

Noise Radar Technology (NRT) is a radar technology that uses Noise/Chaotic/Random Waveform as a sounding signal and correlation processing of radar returns for implementation of optimal reception. Contemporary Noise Radar Technology has been under intensive development during the last 20 years in Ukraine, USA, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Canada, France, UK, China, South Korea, Australia and other countries. Noise Radar Technology provides excellent potential capabilities for unambiguous and simultaneous range and Doppler measurements with high resolution and accuracy.Noise Radar Systems have the best Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance, which enables designing of cost-effective and affordable radar systems for various civil and military applications. However, many issues related to capabilities and constraints of Noise Radar Technology and also design and implementations of Noise Radars are still not completely clear and still require more detailed consideration.

"The First International Workshop on the Noise Radar Technology" (NRTW'2002) and NRT-2003 Kharkov, 21-23 October, 2003. They have drawn speakers and observers from many countries of America, Europe and Asia. Special Sessions Focused on NRT have been successfully organized for IRS-2006, Cracow, IRS-2008, Wroclaw, Poland, and IRS-2010, Vilnius, Lithuania. Besides, the Noise Radar Workshop was held in November 2008 in Arlington, USA. In the year 2011 dedicated session “Applications of Random Signals for SAR” was organized at the APSAR-2011 International conference.

10 year after the First NRT Conference we decided to gather noise radar engineers again in Yalta, Crimea, UKRAINE for the NRT-2012 Conference. NRT-2012 attendees will have an excellent opportunity to present and discuss recent R&D results, exchange information and new ideas in the rapidly emerging Noise Radar Technology. They will have possibility for further upgrading their knowledge and experience in Noise Radar design and applications.